• Finding and Meeting Other Homeschoolers

    Upon making the decision to educate your child at home, you automatically forfeit the usual avenue of meeting playmates for your children: school. I have heard from countless families who are new to homeschooling that this is their biggest concern.

  • What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking: Third Trimester

    Pregnancy may be the most challenging experience adults may ever face. Yet couples who have a strong relationship when a pregnancy begins have everything in their favor for a long and fruitful future.

  • Blood Typing Facts and Statistics

    Blood type is determined by the "alleles" that are inherited from the parents. Alleles are possible types of a particular gene, in this case the blood type gene. There are three basic blood type alleles: A, B, and O. Children have two alleles, one inherited from each parent.

  • Kids Keep a Dad Younger

    In a study of ten primate species, including humans, apes, and various Old World and New World monkeys, researchers have shown that the parent who cares for the offspring typically lives longer than the mate.

  • Flat or Inverted Nipples

    Mother's nipples come in many shapes and sizes. While most nipples protrude and are easy for baby to grasp, there are some variations in size and shape that make it difficult for them to nurse successfully.

  • Fun in the Sun or a Dangerous Risk?

    Parents and schools can teach healthy habits such as wear hats, apply sun screen when outside, schedule outdoor events in early morning when possible, and take advantage of naturally shaded areas for lunch and playtime. Do it for your children -- you just might save their life someday.

  • Homebirth: Whom to Invite

    When you dream of your perfect birth experience, do you find yourself longing for the comforts of home complete with your own bed, quiet, personal surroundings, control over what family / friends are welcome, and more? Today's pregnant woman is increasingly turning to the respite offered from yesteryear (well - with modern plumbing which is a definite plus)! Read on for help planning your special day.

  • Choosing and Interviewing a Doula

    The presence of a professional labor support person -- a doula, for example -- can have a huge effect on the obstetrical outcome of the birth. Randomized, controlled trials on birth support have shown shorter labor, less requests for pain medication, reduction in number of necessary c-sections. Interested in a doula? Here are tips for interviewing and hiring.