• "Lose Weight Now!" "Get a Flat Tummy in 3 Days!"

    Now, that I have your attention.don't you just hate those headliners? But in this fast food world we live in, where everything is instant, why not lose weight instantly and effortlessly? You can get instant credit, instant grits and instant service, why not instant weight loses?

  • Pregnancies Close Together

    If your first baby isn't very old, it's only natural to be concerned about what other people will think when you tell them your good news -- particularly those that are closest to you.

  • Pregnancy and the Roseola Virus

    Most children get roseola between 7 and 13 months of age. It is quite rare before three months or beyond 4 years. Fully 90% of cases occur before the 2nd birthday. Rare cases have been seen in adults, and a very few have been reported in pregnant women.

  • Making Weight Resolutions Stick

    Many of us have spent the last several weeks indulging in second and third portions of foods we ordinarily might avoid. Instead of saying "No thank you," we say, "It's the holidays!" But good cheer aside, drinking and feasting during the holidays can lead to serious weight gain.

  • The Role That Diet Plays in PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome is a metabolic disorder that affects between 5 and 7.5 percent of all women. It is the number-one cause of infertility. Read more to discover how diet can help the symptoms of PCOS and may decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

  • Beyond Breast and Bottle

    Research shows early feeding can have long-term effects on your child's health. How can you make sure your child is eating the right foods once he or she is off the bottle? Learn to chose the right foods to eat when a child is ready to begin solids.

  • Women and Smoking

    Today, about 1 out of every 5 women in America smokes, even though we know smoking is not good for our health. Women who smoke may have a modest increase in risks for ectopic pregnancy (fallopian tube or peritoneal cavity pregnancy) and miscarriage.

  • Keep Up Your Calcium

    Calcium is one of the most ubiquitous elements on the planet and one of the most important for the body. Experts say it's important to remember that calcium has a vital role to play in reducing risk of the bone condition osteoporosis, and in the function of the heart, nerves and muscle.

  • Sex and Parenthood

    How important is sex to a marriage? Sex seems to be the emotional barometer for most marriages. Not in the sense that the more sex the better the marriage, but in the way couples can discuss openly and with concern for each other their feelings about the intimacy in their relationship.

  • The Difficulties of Loving

    There is no more difficult task in life than having a satisfying marriage. As we approach Valentine's Day, our "national" holiday for celebrating the one we love, I think a closer look at how we can have a satisfying marriage might be valuable.