• What You Need to Know About Baby Showers

    The custom of celebrating a new baby has been around for centuries. Although the times have changed and traditions differ from one culture to another, the central purpose of baby showers remains the same: to share in the joy of an expectant couple's upcoming arrival and help them prepare for their new lives as parents.

  • Arrival Showers

    Out of town relatives may find it difficult to attend a baby shower for the expecting mom. It is common for family (especially the grandparents) to pitch in and help around the house during the first few weeks after the child is born.

  • Baby Invitation Etiquette

    Whether you are planning a baby shower, a baptism, or your child's birthday, the invitation will be the first impression your guests have of your celebration.

  • Baby Naming Ceremony

    Some families look for a secular alternative to Baptisms and Christenings. This is an increasingly popular event where parents can publicly welcome their child and their hopes and intentions for the child.

  • Baby Shower Entertainment

    So, you're throwing a baby shower. The date is set and the invitations have been sent. The anticipation is brewing. But what are you going to do once you get everyone to the party?

  • Kid's Activity: Learn About Earthquakes!

    Anytime there is an earthquake, the news media makes a big point of talking about the Richter Scale, using it to indicate how bad the earthquake was. As we will see, the Richter Scale does not tell us nearly as much about surface effects as people think it does.

  • Kid's Activity: Understanding Tsunamis

    Several people wanted to know why this earthquake produced a tsunami when most earthquakes do not. To understand that, we need to know about faults. Before you start listing all my faults, such as forgetting to include parts of the experiment, I am talking about geologic faults.

  • Baby's Senses in the Womb

    In only the third month of your baby's life in the womb, his or her hearing is starting to develop fully. Around mid-term, you will begin to feel your baby's reaction to certain noises.