• Help! My Kids are Overweight!

    If you have recently found yourself fretting over your child's waistline, you are not alone. The youth of today are fatter than ever before, and parents are starting to panic. Why are our kids so big, and what should we do about it?

  • Protect Kids from Holiday Stress

    Holiday stress can take the joy out of the holidays quicker than any other natural emotion. Since women are hit the hardest... Or, are they? Actually, kids notice the overwhelming feelings, conflict during the busy season, and also become frustrated and sad.

  • Preventing Colds and Flus

    Studies show that women are more prone to colds and flus after having children -- and kids themselves are exposed to germs continually in childcare and preschool. So it's smart to take up arms against those microbial invaders!

  • What's the Actual Risk You're a Parent

    Parents forget they have children. It's not that they want to forget, it's just that kids suck an enormous amount of thinking capacity out of your brain. The result is the inability to remember your kids' names and often if you even have kids.

  • Dad's Service Center and Miracles of the Night

    When I wake out of a sound sleep to a kid calling, I no longer jump out of bed. Instead -- taking the lead from catalog merchants -- I stay comfortably warm under the covers and shout back, "Thank you for calling Dad's Service Center. If you need a drink of water, press or say, 'one'...

  • Twenty-first Century Sneeze

    Recently, a friend mentioned that schools are encouraging children to sneeze on their arm sleeve instead of their hand. The old adage "cover your mouth when you sneeze" takes on a new perspective. Now to demonstrate, instead of using a cupped hand, one would need to sweep your entire arm across your face. The 21st century sneeze.

  • Baby Blemishes

    Everyone wants to have skin like a baby -- soft, clear, smooth and rosy. In reality, even infants can break out like teenagers. While the tiny blemishes and rashes can be upsetting to parents, they are usually harmless and require minimal treatment, if any.

  • Holiday Stress and Young Children

    Families want their holidays to be special and happy for everyone, especially the children. But what many parents fail to remember is that the holiday season can be a time of hustle and bustle -- and a never-ending whirlwind of stress for their children.