• Infant Massage

    Touch is a language we can use to communicate to our infants. Numerous studies have found that when infants are able to be massaged for at least 15 minutes a day, they were more awake and active during the day, cried less, slept better and were more bonded with their parents.

  • How Lazy Parents Make Happier Kids and Stronger Marriages

    I am going to talk about ways to support your marriage that may substitute a tiny bit for time with your child. I am writing this as an antidote to all the literature on how to be the perfect parent. The current high standards for parenting leads to low standards for marriage.

  • Altered Taste During Pregnancy

    Sometimes a pregnant women may sense a funny taste in their mouth even when not eating. The medical term: "dysguesia" meaning an altered sense of taste, accounts for this difference in perception.

  • A Babysitter for Toddlers

    If the question is "Can I leave my toddler with our twelve-year-old daughter?" the answer is No! Babysitting has not received the attention it truly deserves. Remember, you are entrusting your child's life with this person.

  • Seven Considerations When Choosing Childcare

    In addition to considering colors for the nursery and what type of stroller to use, working mothers also have the enormous task of deciding what kind of care provider they will select for their children.

  • Young, Pregnant, and Ready for Anything

    Young moms can be terrific. If you are a pregnant teenager and have decided to have the baby, there's a world of possibilities ahead of you. That may not be what the people around you are telling you.

  • It's Twins! Twice as Much Stuff?

    As any mother of multiples will tell you, it's more than twice the work. Expectant mothers of multiples want to know whether twins means twice the gear. The answer, from our mothers of multiples, is that it doesn't have to be. You don't really need two of everything, just enough of all the right things.

  • What Mom Can Do for Dad

    Dads do lots of things for moms. What can moms do for dads in return? See what Rick Hanson, Ph.D. and Jan Hanson, L.Ac. have to say!

  • Nutrition During Your Pregnancy

    It is important that you eat a variety of nutritious foods during your pregnancy to ensure that your body and the baby that is growing inside of you get all the right nutrients, and also to ensure that you control your weight gain. If you choose to eat a variety of nutritious foods, you will be assured of consuming adequate calories and an ideal weight gain.

  • An Emergency C-section

    Since Caitlin's birth happened so fast, and so unexpectedly, there isn't really too much to tell, but I'll do my best to make it interesting. Her birth story actually began at our baby shower as I opened our last gift. I was crouched down to unwrap the present (It was one of those stroller/car seat combos -- we knew that ahead of time.