• Lauren Elizabeth's Home Birth Story

    I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on from about dinnertime on May 15th, 2003. I started to feel them more as the night went on. At about 1 am on May 16th, they started to hurt.

  • Robinna's Home Birth Story

    We had had a couple of false alarms; the most recent on the Sunday before with 6 hours of contractions 5 minutes apart that ultimately just stopped.

  • Home-Birth Story of Lewis Harwood Kerr

    The story actually starts on Christmas day (of course). I was a bit tired, owing to our elder son, Arthur waking at 5 am full of excitement. We'd finished stockings and presents and were starting on breakfast before it was light.

  • Nolan's Birth

    I started having contractions on Monday, December 1. They were about 5 minutes apart the whole day and we were excited that it finally seemed to be "IT." I was due November 23, so I was ready!

  • Twins! Their Birth

    I was scheduled to go in to the hospital on April 8th for an induction at exactly 39 weeks. I was having no noticeable contractions, and had not been feeling any at all my whole pregnancy.

  • Postpartum Hair Loss: Am I Going Bald?

    Is all your hair falling out? There is a myth that women are fully recovered from pregnancy and delivery just six weeks after a baby is born. In fact, hormonal and physiological changes are still occurring many months postpartum.

  • Colostrum: It's Yellow and Pure Gold!

    It is not uncommon to hear a mother nursing a sick newborn or relactating for a sick child to refer to her colostrum (or pre-milk in the case of a relactating or adoptive breastfeeding mother) as "liquid gold."

  • First Trimester Changes

    At the time of conception an egg is fertilized, thereby creating a unique new cell. The cell divides very quickly into many more cells and at about 1 week after conception this tiny mass of cells attach itself to the wall of the uterus (implantation).

  • Your Body's Changes and Baby's Growth, 13-16 weeks

    Your baby's head is now about 1/3 of its total body length. The facial features are being defined. The body is growing quickly and the fingernails are developing. The baby's sex can usually be identified by this time period.

  • Cesarean Section: Recovery Tips

    Approximately 20 percent of births in the United States are done by cesarean section. Every woman, no matter how simple her pregnancy, faces the possibility that her labor could end in a C-section.