• What to Expect at Your Prenatal Visits, 29 - 32 Weeks

    By this point in your pregnancy, you will probably be visiting your midwife/doctor every two weeks. Certain tests and measurements are part of each visit.

    Expect to have:

    • Your weight measured
    • Your blood pressure taken
    • Your urine analyzed
    • Your abdomen measured to check your baby's growth (fundal height)
    • Your baby's heartbeat listened to
    • Because you are entering the latter stages of pregnancy, your provider may choose to perform a vaginal exam at any visit.
  • Your Body's Change and Your Baby's Growth, 29 - 32 Weeks

    Your baby continues to grow and more fat is forming beneath the skin. This layer of fat is important as it allows the baby to maintain an adequate body temperature after birth. The lanugo hair is disappearing. The baby can hear outside noises through the wall of the uterus.

  • Staying Comfortable and Safe the Last Trimester

    During the final phase of pregnancy, your changing size and shape may make everyday living activities more difficult. In addition, the changes that have occurred in your body as a result of hormones place you at higher risk of injury.

  • Round Ligament Pain

    Have you experienced sharp abdominal pains when in the process of sitting down, standing up, bending over, or rolling over in bed? This is commonly known as Round Ligament Pain. The severity of pain can worry you. Although round ligament pain can be very uncomfortable, it also is very normal. This pain is not harmful to the baby in any way.

  • Baby Gates

    There are a few different types of baby gates. First is the old pre-1990 accordion type gate that is no longer used. Do not use this type of gate, even if you're given one, as your child's head or neck could become trapped.

  • Choices: How Will You Feed Your Baby?

    One of the most challenging choices new parents face is how to feed their baby in those first months of life. No doubt you have already received enthusiastic advice from friends and family members who favor one feeding method over the other. Your choice should be based on a good understanding of infant nutritional and emotional needs, and an honest assessment your own situation.

  • What to Expect at Third Trimester Prenatal Visits

    At around 28 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor/midwife may change your prenatal visit schedule to once every two weeks. This change allows them to monitor your progress and does not necessarily mean complications are expected.

  • Third Trimester: You and Your Partner

    As you enter your third trimester, the last phase of your pregnancy, physical intimacy with your partner and his feelings about your new baby may change dramatically. Some of these adjustments may have begun earlier in your pregnancy, but they reach a peak during the third trimester.