• Hypnobirth Tip #8: Getting Everything You Want

    We, as women need to be very proactive in order to have the kind of gentle and serene birth that we dream of, taking responsibility for educating ourselves about choices, and informed consent while in labor. There is much to know about how to get what you want.

  • Hypnobirth Tip #9: Your Birthing Choices

    What most expectant parent don't realize is that they truly are in charge of their baby's birthing. They get to choose the way the labor and birth go, as well as their baby's care after birth. It is no different than any other service that you pay for, except that it is much more important.

  • Giving Birth Naturally: Techniques to Use

    There are a number of different techniques that can be used when you choose to birth without using any medical interventions. The following is list of techniques that have been used for many years in aiding with natural birth.

  • Valerie and Josef's Hypnobirth Story

    Much to my surprise, my waters broke at 6:00 am, approximately 12 days before my son's "official" expected date of arrival. There was water, but not much else in the way of birthing waves for most of that day.

  • A Home Hypnobirth: John and Margaret

    We had our baby last Sunday, Sept. 14 on my birthday! It's another boy. That makes three boys for us. Our hypnosis worked beautifully for us. I had headphones on listening to my Birth Guide CD while John rushed around trying to fill the birth pool.

  • Alesia & Kendall's Hypnobirth Story

    We had our baby on September 8th. Events are as follows, pay attention because it went kinda fast. I wake up feeling pressure waves. Go to the bathroom and lay in bed for 20-30 minutes more to make sure they are not just feelings of having a big belly.

  • Hypnobirth Tip #1: Getting Started

    Hypnosis is very simply: Focused concentration. It is a natural state of mind in which the body and mind are very relaxed and yet the mind is also highly aware and focused. The pregnant woman can choose to enter, stay in, or come out of hypnosis at will.

  • Hypnobirth Tip #2: Your Bubble of Peace

    As pregnant women, we get so many negative messages about childbirth, and they take their toll, making us stay in a state of fear, producing adrenaline and other stress hormones, which cause constriction of the birthing muscles.

  • Hypnobirth Tip #3: Why Create a Birth Plan

    In today's birthing atmosphere, we have to be proactive in getting what we want for our own labors -- you'll be wise not to give up the responsibility for the decisions made in your labor to others, because if you do, it is unlikely you will have the birth experience you so want for yourself and your baby.

  • Hypnobirth Tip#4: A Sample Birth Plan

    A sample birth plan based on the preferences of a typical hypno-birthing couple. Yours may vary, but consider the length and format as a guide. 2 pages is the longest it should be, and using bullet points or small paragraphs will help ensure it gets read.