• Gamete/Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer

    This process is about half as expensive as IVF and requires up to a third less time to complete. The entire GIFT procedure takes about 40-60 minutes, and it carries slightly higher success rates than IVF, yielding a pregnancy rate of about 35%, but it also carries the same risks and stresses as IVF.

  • Advice Before Pregnancy

    Advice before pregnancy on improving health by improving your diet, exercise and eliminating unhealth habits.

  • Questions to Ask Your Hospital

    If you feel strongly about delivering at one particular hospital, then you will have to select a doctor who is affiliated with that particular institution. The OB/GYN department can provide you with a list of doctors for you to select from.

  • The Marathon of Motherhood

    Motherhood is a long journey, a marathon, not a sprint. If you regard motherhood as a long marathon, spanning twenty years or more, how might you shift the demands you place on yourself? How might you assert yourself to get more help from others? How might you take better care of your body? Or better nourish your inner being? Or simply be nicer to yourself?

  • Douching During Pregnancy

    Since douching changes the delicate chemical balance in the vagina (and the vaginal flora), which can make a woman more prone to bacterial infection, health care providers don't recommend it. Studies show that women who douche on a routine basis tend to have more problems including vaginal irritations, infection, and STD's.

  • Fertility Advice for Overweight and Obese Women

    One should not assume weight alone is a problem. It can be, but it is not a given. In fact, weight is probably only a factor less than 10 percent of the time. The primary obstacle for overweight women is ovulation.

  • Pregnancy and Birth are Sexy? You Bet!

    Pregnancy and birth are very "sexy" topics. A pregnancy is a very obvious sign of a sexual activity but more than that, they demonstrate that a woman's sexual cycle is in full bloom and that she is fulfilling her biological destiny to reproduce.

  • Brain Fuel for Mom and Baby

    A recent Danish study published in the British Medical Journal shows that women who take in more omega-3 in their everyday diet during pregnancy have heavier and healthier infants, as well as fewer premature births.