• Valentine Vitamins

    Some argue that Valentine's Day is nothing more than a conspiracy among greeting card companies, florists, and chocolatiers. Nevertheless, many people welcome any excuse to indulge in chocolate, and these chocolate lovers may be heartened to learn that more and more studies suggest that chocolate is good for you.

  • Fitness: A Home Workout

    Looking for a typical "home workout?" Our fitness expert Alexandra Allred, is a former member of the US Women's Bobsled team, is an accomplished martial artist, and continues to teach kickboxing while juggling her career as a full-time writer and mother of three.

  • What to Expect: Transition

    Four things mark the beginning of transition for me. First, I am done. I really can't do this today. I'm ready to go home and come back another day and finish having this baby. How might transition affect you? Read on and develop your own game plan for this stage.

  • The Foundation: Building Your Pillar of Strength

    We have a tendency to think of movement as starting from the limbs. If we reach out to grab something or step forward, we think of those motions as originating with the end result -- we've reached out; therefore, we've used our arms.

  • Pre-Pregnancy Checklist Helps Prepare Couples

    So you have decided to have a child. Congratulations. Welcome to a whole new world of choices. Never before have your decisions had such a profound impact on another person. Everything you eat, drink, breathe and touch can affect your baby. But before you throw away your morning coffee or tea take a few minutes and read these common sense thoughts on pregnancy.

  • Inside the Womb: Who are the ''Players''?

    Pregnancy is an amazing phenomenon of nature that is the core of our existence. Yet even today, few people really have an understanding of what goes on inside a pregnant woman. It's not just nine months of belly growth followed by the birth of a baby.

  • Will My Body Ever Be the Same?

    It's the age old question, "Will my body ever be the same after childbirth?" Yes and no. Motherhood can make women look and feel even stronger than before. "Muscle memory" is a term that many athletes use again and again when talking about making a come back after pregnancy.

  • Hatching Catherine, My Birth Story

    For some time now I have been meaning to write down the details of Catherine's birth. Well, here we go: In August, Andrew and I learned that we were going to have a baby. This was slightly earlier than we had anticipated, but this did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. Our due date was April 29th, which was coming at us fast and furious.