• Family Fitness: Resolve to Get Your Kids Moving

    You've bought your kids toboggans, hockey sticks, and cross-country skis. You've signed them up for indoor soccer, swimming lessons, and gymnastics classes. You've told them all about the benefits of physical fitness. In fact, you've done everything possible to encourage your kids to put down the TV remote and get physically active. Or have you?

  • Where 'O, Where Has My Little Waist gone...

    Have you ever noticed how tiny the women's (and men's) waists were in the 1950s and 1960s? Everyone seemed to have teeny, tiny waistlines. But in the new millennium, medical experts are extremely worried about people's ever expanding waistlines.

  • Mom-Friendly Fitness Workouts: Getting Back in Shape

    We all know at least one Cindy Crawford-type: a new mom who was able to slip into her skin-tight workout leotard within days of giving birth. What we sometimes forget, however, is that the Cindy Crawford's of the world are the exception rather than the rule: it takes most of us a lot longer than a couple of days to get back in shape after giving birth!

  • More Sample Diets

    This is a good diet because it still gives you the carbohydrates, fat and protein you need to work out, work full days and not feel like you are starving.

  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies

    Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is a blanket term used to cover in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other procedures designed to produce pregnancy if other methods have been unsuccessful. Learn about IVF -- from ovary stimulation to embryo replacement and procedures such as ICSI and GIFT.

  • What Couples Need To Know About Infertility

    Infertility is a common but frequently treatable condition. It affects one couple out of six and becomes more common with increasing age. When should you see a specialists? How can you be prepared for that appointment? Be your own best advocate with a basic knowledge of the comprehensive infertility evaluation, even before going to the doctor.

  • Is Your Daughter a Daydreamer - Undiagnosed AD/HD

    Most parents today have heard a great deal about Attention Deficit Disorder. When they hear that term, it's likely that a hyperactive little boy comes to mind. Boys with ADD, are easy to spot in the classroom, and are much more likely to be referred for an evaluation.

  • Is SAD Making you Depressed?

    Everyone experiences "ups" and "downs" in their lives but when the "down" times last for more than a few weeks and you have difficulty functioning in your daily life, maybe something else is going on. Perhaps Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is affecting you.