• Women and ADD

    Women with ADD need to learn not to measure their success in terms of made beds and washed dishes, but to celebrate their gifts -- their warmth, their creativity, their humor, their sensitivity, their spirit. And they need to look for people who can appreciate the best in them as well.

  • Jogging, Dogs and Baby Strollers

    It's a beautiful day and you've decided to try out your new jogging stroller with baby and dog in tow. Before your baby came along, you and your furry friend logged countless miles jogging around the neighborhood.

  • Kids and Online Shopping

    Think your kids are too young to get their feet wet in the weird-yet-wonderful world of online shopping? Think again. According to two recent studies from south of the border, young people between the ages of 8 and 24 have taken a shine to online shopping.

  • Depleted Mother Syndrome

    One morning a few months after our second child, Laurel, was born -- we'd been up much of the night (again) and were blotto with fatigue -- my wife looked at me and said "Parenting can wreck your life!"

  • Healthy Fats? Who Knew?

    Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are in the news because they are needed for a healthy heart and brain, plus they are absolutely crucial for the healthy development of a fetus or child. Unfortunately, they are usually deficient...

  • The Job Corps: Getting Kids to Pitch in with Chores

    I have a confession to make. My kids do a lot more work around the house than I ever did as a kid. For some reason, my parents let me get well into my teen years before introducing me to that mysterious appliance known as a washing machine.

  • A Mother's Meditation on Gratitude

    Set aside a quiet time during which you can reflect on some of the many things you could be thankful for. As a starting point, you might read the passage below to yourself or out loud, adapting it to your situation as you like.

  • Getting More Sleep With Twins

    "Our twins are one year old, but they are still waking up a lot at night, and it usually falls to me to deal with them. What can I do before I go out of my mind with sleep deprivation?"

  • Quick and Easy Protein

    In general, we recommend our daily Mother Nurture recipe, designed specifically with a mom's nutritional needs in mind. It's comprised of only seven ingredients. In sum, every day you should try to eat...