• Why your 'empowering birth' isn't worth the safety of my son

    You can ‘be empowered' all you want. You can have the best birth ‘experience' in the whole freakin' world. You can ‘feel good' about your birth until the end of time. But at what cost to the baby today or you? Find out what this dad has to say about it!

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    We tapped our members to gain insight on where people take their home pregnancy tests besides at home. The stories these ladies had to share were definitely ones for the record books. See the first entries into's POAS "Hall of Fame!"

  • How to get your baby down for a nap

    Babies need naps. They cure crankiness and the REM sleep helps that developing brain. If you're blessed with a bundle of energy who doesn't seem to turn off, these tips might solve or prevent those sleep -- or lack of sleep -- issues.

  • Reduce your risk of breast cancer

    Have you been wondering what you can do to reduce your risk of breast cancer? While you can't alter your family or reproductive history, you can make lifestyle change that lower it. Those same decisions can lower your daughter's risk, too.

  • Kids celebrate Samhain with crafts and activities

    Samhain marks the end of the "wheel' and represents the Pagan New Year. It's the end of harvest season and the beginning of the "darker half" of the year. Celebrate with these nature-centered activities. They offer your kids a closeness with the season and the chance to reap a bundle of family fun.