• Are you happy with your breast size?

    What do you think about your breasts? Are you one for "showing them off" or trying to tone 'em down a bit by showcasing some of your other assets?

  • When your baby has Down syndrome

    You may have recently learned your baby has Down syndrome. At first you'll be consumed with medical considerations and finding out what your baby could face. Eventually, there's one more area that needs your attention. You and your partner need to come to terms with the fact that your baby has Down syndrome and figure out how to look beyond the diagnosis and see your child as a person.

  • Save your breasts -- do the stroke: New recommendations for BSE

    The American Cancer Society stopped recommending breast self-exams, but still suggest they can be used as an optional screening technique. For one group of young women, those at high risk of developing breast cancer, these exams may provide the first hint of a problem.

  • Have a frightfully green Halloween

    Being green on Halloween is easy. All you have to do is make choices that are people-healthy, animal-friendly and earth-conscious. These ideas can turn your holiday an eco-friendly hue.

  • Getting fit after baby arrives

    After giving birth, your body will probably be larger than it was pre-pregnancy. However, you will and can bounce back. Combining a healthy diet with exercise can be your magic bullet to getting fit after baby arrives.