• Trending Halloween costumes for pregnant gals

    Being pregnant certainly doesn't mean you have to sit out this Halloween season. That growing bump is something -- or rather someone -- to be proud of! As you plan what you'll wear to your gathering, check out what's trending this year within the maternity set!

  • Moving day activities for kids

    It's moving day with its last-minute flurry of activity. At the top of your to-do list is keeping your kid busy, happy and safe. These activities can help you include a child of any age on moving day.

  • Are your baby's bath products safe?

    Your baby loves bath time and you love that baby-fresh smell. What could be healthier and more fun that a scrub in the tub? We don't question the fun part, but your baby's bath products could be far from safe!

  • Plan ahead for a healthy baby

    Any project can benefit from a little planning and making a baby is no exception. Your choices now can help ensure a health child, even if you're not planning a new family addition for months or even years.

  • Encourage your baby's curiosity with a eureka moment

    Heuristic play utilizes a baby's curiosity. The term, coined by child psychologists Elinor Goldschmeid and Sonia Jackson. The word stems from the same root as eureka -- "I found it!" Put together a treasure basket and watch your baby discover and learn.

  • Your baby-to-be is breech -- what should you do?

    You found out at your appointment that your baby is still breech -- sitting comfortably with her head pressing against your tummy. Would you prefer a vaginal birth? Can you find the resources in your area to facilitate your choice?

  • Recipe: Vera Cruz style cod

    Fresh wild-caught cod showed up at the fish market today. Serve it with a Vera Cruz style sauce -- light and delicious!

  • Your baby is bleeding -- what should you do?

    Your baby's moving around now. Once kids start crawling, walking and running, they're more likely to get hurt. Most injuries aren't serious, but a fall or other accident might result in bleeding. If your baby is bleeding, what should you do?

  • Your baby won't stop coughing -- what should you do?

    You're heading off to bed when you hear it -- coughs and a rustle. It could be a long night! The FDA warned against cough medicines for kids under 6 years old. Is there anything you can do to ease your baby's coughing?