• Do fertility drugs raise your risk of cancer?

    Is it true that you increase your risk of cancer if you use fertility drugs? Some of the earlier studies have suggested an association. Find out what the newer meta-studies are showing.

  • Plan ahead for baby's first weeks at home

    During your first weeks together, you and your baby may feel just as dazed and confused. What can you do to make it easier? Get ready! You owe it to yourself and your baby to prepare in advance and line up as much support as you can.

  • Squishy creativity -- hands-on fun with play dough

    Most children find play dough great fun! Toddlers love squeezing the soft, squishy material in their hands, exploring the texture and consistency of the dough. Older kids play more imaginatively, making things with it. Get your child started with one of these ideas.

  • Keeping your baby safe

    Your baby's abilities are constantly changing. That will make your job all the more challenging. Here are the key safety points to keep in mind.

  • 10 tips to keep kids safe in the kitchen

    Little ones underfoot are a given as the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. We've compiled 10 tips to keep them safe while enabling you to get dinner on the table!

  • Newborn screening -- which tests should your baby have?

    Before leaving the hospital, your baby will get some special tests. Newborn screening checks for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren't apparent at birth. With the blood test, hearing and heart screen, the doctor can tell if your baby has a condition that could eventually cause problems and can start early treatment.

  • Is the recommended daily dose of folic acid enough for everyone?

    It's well-known that folic acid is part of a healthy regimen for getting pregnant and during pregnancy. What isn't as well-known is that not all women metabolize folic acid in the same way. This could mean that the recommended daily dosage of 400 micrograms may not be enough for everyone.

  • Your baby is choking -- what should you do?

    An object -- like a button, penny or piece of food -- can block the flow of air from mouth to lungs. If your baby is choking, knowing what to do may allow you to save your child's life.

  • Fruits and veggies month -- eating across the rainbow

    Fruits and vegetables defend our health. You probably didn't eat enough as a kid and children today still aren't getting the recommended number of servings. Celebrate "Fruit and Veggies -- More Matters" month by eating a rainbow of produce. We've included ideas to help get your family started!