• Getting your preschooler ready for school

    Here are some of the key findings from a recent report on what factors in the home or community environment are most likely to contribute to school readiness at age five.

  • Toddler-proofing your home and teaching safety

    With toddlerhood, your baby turned into a miniature explorer, into trouble almost as fast as you can eliminate hazards. Here's how you can make your home safe for your curious and mobile child.

  •'s 11th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

    It's our anniversary! We've enjoyed eleven years being with you on your journey to and through parenthood! To start the celebrations off right, we're having a Scavenger Hunt this week! Participate and turn in the right answers and we'll gift you 11,000 points on your bulletin board post count! Keep reading for instructions!

  • Create a safe environment for your baby

    During your pregnancy you make sure your baby has all the building blocks to grow and develop and avoided things that might be harmful. Your next goal is providing a quality environment for your baby-to-be.

  • Best breakfast ideas for moms-to-be

    You wouldn't skip feeding your eight-month-old breakfast. You shouldn't skip your unborn baby's, either. Not only do you want to eat breakfast each day, you want to eat the right kind of meal that keeps your energy going and mood upbeat.

  • Recipe: Quinoa trail mix balls with chocolate bits

    For a treat that gives a little pop, as well as a chocolate chip-cherry flavor combo, look to last night's supper. Combine leftover quinoa with coconut, dried cherries and chocolate and roll out these yummy little balls for a nutritious snack!

  • Recipe: Slow cooker steel-cut oatmeal with apples and cinnamon

    Mornings can be chaotic, leaving you wishing for your own private cook. While we can't give you that, we can share a breakfast recipe to make starting your day easier. Slow cooker oatmeal is easy to make. Just put everything in the slow cooker before you go to bed and you'll wake up the next morning to the tantalizing aroma of warm apple pie.

  • Back-to-school blues -- encourage without bribery!

    Three weeks ago, your kindergartener was excited to be starting this new adventure. But now, instead of exuberance, most days start with tears or complaints of a tummy ache. Here's what you can do to help make the transition back-to-school smoother.