• Labor day 2012 -- getting labor going

    If you're due in August or early September and still pregnant might be saying, "It's time! Let's get this labor party started." Try one of these methods to get those contractions rocking and rolling!

  • Parents-to-be play the waiting game

    Parenthood allows you to develop patience with the waiting game. First, you wait for that perfect ovulation window. Then, it's that two-week wait...which draaaags out at least three times that amount! You'll have lots of exciting during the next nine months! What can you hardly wait for?

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    How can you keep your baby cool and hydrated during a heat wave? We've asked moms and experts alike. Here's what they said.

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    Most babies and toddlers end up with a smashed finger at some point. The accident causes bruising and swelling of the soft tissues or the bone underneath and might be accompanied by minor cuts and blood blisters. Learn when your child needs medical attention and when the injury can be treated at home.

  • Moms' back-to-school spending trends for fall 2012

    How do you think moms are spending for back-to-school this fall? The answers might surprise you! What group do you fall into? Will you be shopping online, going in-store or both? What's the must-have item on your list?

  • Ten ways to help your shy child adjust to school

    Shy kids face a disadvantage in our outgoing, busy culture. It can even compromise their school performance. How can you help your shy child get off to a good start? Try these time-tested tips: