• Building brain power in the womb

    When you think of the amazing mental life of your developing baby, a wave of panic might wash over you. Are you doing everything you could to increase brain power? Maybe. Science found these four things aid your baby bean's brain development in utero.

  • Energy boosting foods for you and your child

    Your afternoon slump arrives and your child's slouching on the couch. Is it time to have a cup of coffee and an energy drink? That's probably not your best alternative. Reach for energy-boosting snacks instead. These foods leave you with a true blast of energy that will last and keep you active all day.

  • Your baby has a head injury -- what should you do?

    A baby rolls a couple feet off the couch or falls from a chair and the injuries are mild. In rare cases, head trauma can directly injure or cause bleeding around the brain. When your baby hits their head, you can ask these two questions to help you decide the risk of serious complications.

  • Second trimester tips to look good and feel great!

    Whew! It's wonderful to feel good! Now that you're past the first weeks, you probably feel better and have more energy. Have you decided how to spend it? Along with fixing up the nursery and buying a car seat, add "taking care of yourself" to your pregnancy to-do list.

  • Sex during fertility treatments -- bringing sexy back

    Infertility takes a toll on you physically, emotionally, financially and sometimes spiritually. You've got a lot of stress ruling your sex life. Between the medical interventions and hormones, your libido may have bottomed out. Can sex during infertility be sexy?

  • Hot Car Hazards -- When Forgetfulness Can Be Fatal

    In the first week of August, 2012, eight children in the United States died from heatstroke in hot cars. Who would leave their child in the car? About half the time, it's an otherwise attentive and loving parent who simply forgot. Learn how you can avoid this tragedy.