• Friendship Day -- The Importance of Moms Needing Friends

    Friendship Day celebrates the importance of friends. Women need their female friends. It's essential to our health and happiness. Having a group of close friends helps you sleep better, improves your immune systems, staves off disease and results in a longer life.

  • Kindergarten -- Get Your Kid Geared for Success

    Seems like it was yesterday that you were changing diapers, listening for first words and watching your child learn how to walk. How did your "baby" get so big and ready for kindergarten already? Are you concerned about sending your child off to school? Our tips can help make the big day easier for both of you.

  • Celebrity Moms -- Who Is Breastfeeding?

    Which celebrities are in the breastfeeding spotlight? These famous moms are nursing their babies, proud of it, and are helping to spread positive perceptions and information about breastfeeding to the masses.

  • CDC Reports Breastfeeding Rates on the Rise

    What does the CDC's 2012 "Breastfeeding Report Card" reveal? Breastfeeding rates continue to climb across the United States with nearly 77 percent of new moms initiating breastfeeding. While this is encouraging news, there's still lots of work to break down breastfeeding barriers, according to Lamaze International.

  • Breastfeeding Gives Moms an Extra Burst of Courage

    Non-human female mammals have been known to show high levels of aggression when defending their young. You don't want to mess with a momma bear. It turns out you might not want to mess with a nursing mom, either.

  • How to Advocate for Breastfeeding Moms

    Do you support breastfeeding? How can we advocate and help break down our society's breastfeeding barriers so all families and babies can reap the rewards from the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding?

  • Recipe: Spinach and Herb Quiche

    This particular quiche is made with spinach, onions, and Gruyére cheese and baked to crispy, golden perfection. Just look at that crispy, cheesy top. How can anyone say no? We threw in a couple of fun twists and tweaks, too!