• Gluten-Free Breastfeeding Guide and Checklist

    Breast milk gives your baby the optimal amount of nutrients and antibodies. Immunity isn't the only thing that makes it into your breast milk. Components of the food that you eat do, too. If your child has celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, wheat and some other grains in your diet can adversely affect your baby.

  • Breastfeeding Challenges -- Tongue-Tied Babies

    During your baby's newborn exam, your pediatrician might have said, "Oh, she's tongue-tied." It seems like a weird thing to say about your beautiful, perfect baby! What your doctor means is that your baby has a common abnormality that affects that the tissue at the base of the tongue. It could affect nursing and speech development if untreated.

  • Celebrating Ramadan When You're Breastfeeding

    Special rules set by religious leaders allow breastfeeding moms to out of the fasting requirement for Ramadan. They can make up days later or may make a donation to charity in lieu of fasting. What option will you choose?

  • The pregnant gal's guide to baby showers

    You've just found out that your family or friends are throwing you a baby shower! Some moms-to-be love them; others cringe. No matter which camp you're in, these strategies can help you survive and enjoy any baby celebration thrown in your honor!

  • Breastfeeding Protects Toddlers Teeth from Cavities

    Breastfeeding's many benefits extend to its effects on your baby's teeth. Breast milk contains high levels of protective chemicals. It also doesn't produce much acid in the mouth. These facts suggest that breastfed babies should have an advantage as they grow when it comes to healthy teeth.

  • Dreams During Pregnancy -- The Weird, Wacky and Wild

    Dreams can be wacky and weird under normal circumstances. Add in being pregnant and you could have some interesting combinations! Just how strange are pregnancy dreams? See what our members have been dreaming lately!