• Your Baby's Cord Blood Could Work a Miracle

    You can collect your baby's cord blood and save it. Years later, it can be used in case of emergencies with your child or transplanted to a patient who suffers from cancer or rare genetic disorders.

  • Birthing Rights -- Get Empowered and Know Your Options

    Most parents don't realize they can be in charge of their baby's birth experience. Unless there are specific restrictions, you can choose how labor and delivery will flow as well as your baby's care after birth. You have the right to be included in decisions being made and the right to say "no."

  • Trends in Baby and Toddler Swimwear 2012

    Before heading out to the beach or the pool, you'll want to select your child's swimwear carefully to maximize comfort, safety and of course tap into their personal "style" with the latest trends.

  • Unassisted Home Birth: The Pro's and Con's

    Unassisted childbirth, also known as "freebirthing," is a growing trend in the United States and the UK. You might wonder why anyone would consider having their baby without an attendant. Learn about the pro's and con's.

  • Members Speak Out: "I Forgot" and Other Kid Excuses

    July 2 is National "I Forgot" Day. It's intended as a day to remember those events you somehow spaced out, such as birthday cards and anniversary wishes. For those of us around children, the term "I forgot" takes you down a different road. Kids can get pretty creative with the excuses they offer.

  • Your Baby Has a Fever -- What Should You Do?

    While fevers help fight off infections, it can make your baby feel miserable. What should you do when your baby has a fever? When should you call the doctor? Keeping reading to find out!