• Favorite Summer Activities as a Family

    Looking for ways to keep the kids happy and the adults sane this summer? Take a deep breath. We have a solution (or seven). Our easy ideas promise good times in your yard, on the beach or just down the road.

  • Soothe Swelling and Other Summer Discomforts During Pregnancy

    Your body makes about 50 percent more fluids during pregnancy. These extra fluids account for about 25 percent of the weight you're expected to gain. With all that extra fluid, it's no surprise that swelling is a normal part of pregnancy. Here's how you can stay comfortable and soothe swelling.

  • Dads-to-Be Under Pressure to Get Pregnant

    Dads-to-be and men choosing childlessness feel the pressure to get pregnant heat up along with the grill when Father's Day comes around. Here's how to reduce the pressure gauge and let a little air out.

  • Car Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

    Most moms-to-be continue driving throughout their pregnancies. It's safe for most women, even during the last weeks as long as you take extra precautions getting behind the wheel.

  • Recipe: Chicken Milanese on a Bed of Spring Greens

    Has your family been complaining that all your chicken dishes taste the same? Is your bird a little dry or a bit bland? Here's a different way to cook chicken that will end the disgruntled comments.

  • Creating a Safe Bathroom for the Kids

    Once your baby becomes mobile, a whole new world opens for exploration, including the one beyond the bathroom door. Here's how you can keep your younger kids safe from common bathroom hazards.

  • Pregnant with Twins? What Are the Symptoms?

    How do you know if you're pregnant with twins? You can expect to have the same symptoms as with a singleton pregnancy, however, the signs and symptoms of twins happen earlier and can be more intense.