• This is Your Brain on Kindness

    Practicing "compassion meditation" -- the practice of wishing others happiness and an end to suffering -- has the potential to add much happiness to our lives.

  • How to Keep Your Romance "Alive" After Baby

    Togetherness can take a back seat once kids join the family. While we don't plan on that happening, life decides to happen anyway. Romance is worth fighting for. We'll help you put your "plan" into action!

  • How to Make a Jello Aquarium in a Cup

    Looking for an activity and snack all in one? You don't have to go far to reel in this deal! Put the crew to work creating an edible aquarium in a cup!

  • Four Steps That Teach Your Kids Kindness

    We all envision our kids as loving and kind. Unfortunately many kids will sometimes choose unkind or bullying behavior. Can you do anything that ups the odds your child will choose kindness?

  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Treats

    Did Valentine's Day sneak up on you? Don't worry! Even last-minute cupids can find or make plenty of treats to delight their valentines.

  • Newborn Sleeps All Day, Up All Night

    During the later part of pregnancy, each baby develops her own sleep/wakefulness rhythm. You can get a good idea of what this rhythm is by the baby's activity patterns. Some babies will tend to be fairly quiet during the day -- lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking motion as Mom moves about her daily activities.

  • Buying Guide for Twins

    Your ultrasound shows twins, congratulations! Your well-planned baby gear list has doubled...or has it? What do you really need two of when one could be plenty? What can you leave behind at the baby store?