What Should I Do Differently To Make Breastfeeding Work?

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Dear Lactation Consultant,
I am a mom of three with another baby on the way. I tried to breastfeed my second child but I had alot of problems. My nipples were cracked and bleeding before I even left the hospital. The nurses and consultants said that the baby was latching on correctly, and that it was because the baby had a very strong suckle. I used breast shells to ease the pain between feedings, I soaked my breasts in warm water before feedings to help with letdown, I massaged them, I tried nursing the baby in different positions -- nothing seemed to work.

Toxins and Breastfeeding

The question of toxins in breastmilk is being addressed in a patient handout because the issue comes up every few months, as regular as clockwork, in the media and frightens many pregnant women out of breastfeeding their babies and many women who are already breastfeeding into stopping.