Nursing My newborn. What's Normal?

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Dear Lactation Consultant,
How long should a baby breastfeed at one sitting to know they are getting enough nutrition? My son is 6 days old and his nursing time varies from 20 minutes to 1 hour total feeding time. I worry when he only eats for 20 minutes, should I be? Is he still getting milk at 1 hour or is he just pacifying at that point? Is it ok to nurse only on one breast at a time rather than switching after a while?

The First Signs of Intelligent Life: Awaken Your Baby's Inner Resources

by Joseph Garcia

Communication is one of the first challenges babies encounter. When children begin to communicate, they attempt to arrange in their minds the world around them and begin to understand and react to situations. The child observes and experiments with life to gain knowledge and confidence. Communication plays a critical role in helping the child interact with the world and become socially engaged.

First-Born Jealousy

He "plays" with the baby in the only ways he knows how. He plays catch. You yell at him for throwing toys at the baby. He plays hide-and-seek. You screech that he's trying to suffocate the baby with the blanket. He gives the kid a hug, and you explode in fury. Is it any wonder that your toddler is confused? How can you smooth things out?