• Is your baby monitor a safety threat by hackers?

    As parents, we do whatever we can to keep our children safe. We baby-proof the home, investigate caregivers, research everything from cribs to car seats for the highest safety ratings and more. Did you know, however, that one of the very products designed to keep watch on your little one(s) may instead be making your family vulnerable to predators?

  • Celebrate Fall with Family

    Celebrate the season of Autumn! From bright fall leaves, crafts, and adventures - your family will find ample opportunities to enjoy this wonderful season!

  • Free Baby Tracker app

    A really cool/helpful app that helps you to keep track of feedings and diaper changes. Much easier to use then the form you get from the hospital which I had lost:)

    6 - Highly recommend
  • Welcome to the world little Prince!

    The royal baby has arrived and it's a – BOY!! Congratulations to Kate and William! We're all celebrating your 'happily ever after.

  • Make your own ice cream concoction party

    Hosting a "make your own ice cream concoction" party is a perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July. Learn how to make this event a success from first lick to last drip!

  • Diaper changing 101 -- What you need to know

    Who would think this little square of absorbable paper or cloth would cause such confusion? Follow these simple steps and we can more than likely guarantee you'll get the scoop on poop and how to handle diaper changing 101.

  • Baby naming trends for 2013

    Will you soon be invited to Juno's christening or encouraging Phoebe to share nicely with Storm? Let's take a look at the baby naming trends expected for the year ahead.

  • What's on Prince William and Duchess Kate's baby name list?

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pregnant! Although Kate Middleton's pregnancy was just confirmed, baby name predictions for the royal baby have been floating around since before their wedding. What do you think is on the royal couple's name list?

  • Most popular baby names for 2012

    Do you want to know the most frequently used baby names in the year 2012? So do we! To tide you over until the Social Security Administration releases that information, we're offering a look at the trends and predictions for the year.

  • Holiday-inspired baby names -- will the season dictate your choice?

    Congratulations you're pregnant and due around the holidays! Welcoming a new baby makes the season more memorable and gives another reason to celebrate! If you're leaning toward a holiday-inspired name, these categories could get your creative juices flowing!

  • Circumcision: Not Just a Little Snip

    Circumcision is as American as apple pie. For the most part, it is not questioned but rather accepted as the standard of care given to newborn babies. Why is this the case?

  • Are You Ready to Have Another Baby?

    Some women are ready to plunge into another pregnancy while they still have one or more children in diapers, others don't even want to think about seeing the pregnancy test come back positive again until their youngest child hops on the school bus for kindergarten! Here are some factors to consider when you're trying to decide whether you're ready to have another baby.

  • It's Illegal to Sell Expired Baby Food in California and Other Head Shaking Laws

    Wasn't selling expired baby food always illegal? Apparently not. Until the dawning of 2012, it was apparently legal for retailers to sell expired baby food and baby formula in California.

  • Caring for your Intact Baby's Foreskin

    by Maud Meates-Dennis

    It is usual that a baby's foreskin will not retract (pull back) and the foreskin may not actually fully retract for years. Mothers don't have personal experience of how to clean a boy's foreskin and are often unsure of what to do.

    The following guideline will help you:

  • Helping New Dads Transition to Parenthood

    Rhona Berens offers guidelines that can help new dads make the transition to fatherhood.

  • Just Say NO! to BPA

    BPA and other endocrine disrupting chemicals are linked to infertility, cancers and malformations. Want to reduce your exposure? These six simple steps will help!

  • New Dads Can Be So Hormonal

    Becoming a father doesn't just affect a new dad's sex life and sleep patterns. His baby affects dad's biochemistry in far-reaching ways. Dad, in turn, affects his new baby's biochemistry in equally powerful ways.

  • When Does Spitting Up Signify a Problem?

    My newborn has a lot of spit ups. When should I worry?

  • C.C.: A Story of Courage

    by C.C. Howell

  • Bumbo Baby Sitter

    Reviewer's Name: 

    Bumbo Baby Sitter - great investment. Does require supervision!

    No assembly required. Easy to clean! It is excellent for young 3 mo. - 4 year olds! My children use it to watch TV. I use it to help feed baby. It helps if you have a high chair and baby wobbles around. Very simple product, but for me it has been a life saver! Great investment!