Bully Busting

Bullies are, without a doubt, the bane of the social world of childhood. Alas, they're everywhere, and not always where you would expect. They may be the stereotypical big, mean kids with short tempers and quick fists, or they may be quiet loners.

Why Kids Misbehave

When children misbehave, our gut reaction is to do whatever we can to stop it and stop it fast! There are big problems with this approach. Instead of reacting, have your response focus on the core issue and teach the child how to resolve that core issue through positive behavior.

Being Careful with Sugar

The average American today eats over 150 pounds per year of refined sugars -- compared to zero pounds during most of human history. High consumption of sugar (and the elevated levels of insulin that come with it) is associated with Type II diabetes, weight gain and other health complications.