Dumbed-Down Parenting

Lots of parents tell me they rely on screen activities such as GameBoys, DVD players, and computers to entertain their kids when waiting. "It's so easy." Yes, the screens do engage kids, for sure. But are there ways to occupy kids that are more beneficial to them?

Busy But Bored

A paradox of stay-at-home motherhood is that while you're busy practically every minute of the day -- caring for kids, entertaining kids, picking up after kids -- the day can drag, leaving you feeling lonely, isolated, angry and depressed.

Laughing Through the Chaos - 5 milligrams is all it takes

I've got a great support network of other moms online, and one day I told them that I was really irritable and stupid little things were really pissing me off. I told them that I'd cry really easily over stuff that never would have bothered me before. Postpartum depression was brought up. I shrugged it off and said - nope, not me, not depressed.