Sex and Parenthood

How important is sex to a marriage? Sex seems to be the emotional barometer for most marriages. Not in the sense that the more sex the better the marriage, but in the way couples can discuss openly and with concern for each other their feelings about the intimacy in their relationship.

Umbilical Cord Care

The umbilical cord provided nourishment to your baby throughout your pregnancy. Now he or she has a purplish-blue stump that is about a half inch to an inch long. It will take some time (approximately 2 weeks but occasionally up to 8 weeks) before the stump dries up and falls off. How do you care for it? What are signs of infection?

How to Change a Diaper

Changing your baby's diapers may seem like a frightening task, especially if you have never been around babies before. Don't worry, it is not that hard and in a few weeks you too, will be an expert. Here are a few helpful tips and guidelines to get you started on the right track.