What Is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo care is a form of skin-to-skin contact between a parent and their preterm baby. The baby, wearing only a diaper, is held in an upright position against the parent's bare chest. The baby is held this way for 20 minutes to four hours a day. This is called Kangaroo Care because it is similar to the way a baby kangaroo is snuggled against its mother. Discover more and get started making the most of your time with your preemie today.

Lead Babies: How Heavy Metals are Causing Our Children's Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Low IQ and Behavior Problems

Avoiding neurotoxins before and during pregnancy is the biggest gift you can give your baby. If you are pregnant or planning to be soon, its important to know that heavy metals such as lead and mercury are causing our children’s autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, low IQ and behavior problems.

Are you interested in prenatal yoga?

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Are you interested in learning more about prenatal yoga and its benefits?
If so, global yoga specialist, Jiivana has just launched its renowned prenatal yoga DVD, Bliss From Within, in the UK today. The DVD has been endorsed by The National Association of Childbirth Educators and is seen to be the most comprehensive prenatal Yoga DVD on the market.

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