• Is your baby monitor a safety threat by hackers?

    As parents, we do whatever we can to keep our children safe. We baby-proof the home, investigate caregivers, research everything from cribs to car seats for the highest safety ratings and more. Did you know, however, that one of the very products designed to keep watch on your little one(s) may instead be making your family vulnerable to predators?

  • Valentines! What fun!

    Valentine's Day is not about what you buy -- but a celebration of love you have with your family! Kas Winters, The Mother of Family Ideas™ presents these family friendly ideas for making Valentines, planning a special meal and fun activities to round out your night.

  • Encourage Children to Give to Other Children

    This time of year is perfect for teaching kids lessons in charity and thinking of others! Remember, even Santa has helpers!

  • Pumpkin Bell Wind Chime

    This is such a fun time of year, with fall festivities, Halloween, visits to the pumpkin patch and more! Let your little ones capture those special memories in a craft that can be treasured for years to come!

  • Celebrate Fall with Family

    Celebrate the season of Autumn! From bright fall leaves, crafts, and adventures - your family will find ample opportunities to enjoy this wonderful season!

  • Make your own ice cream concoction party

    Hosting a "make your own ice cream concoction" party is a perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July. Learn how to make this event a success from first lick to last drip!

  • Playtime essential for healthy preschoolers -- helps ward off disease

    According to a new study in the January 2013 edition of the Pediatrics journal, playtime is absolutely essential for preschoolers. Apparently they aren't getting enough playtime outside or playtime at all!

  • 9 holiday gifts preschoolers will play with more than once

    Your preschooler ripped off the wrapping paper, peeked in the box, set the carefully chosen item aside and spend the next two hours playing guessed it...the box. There are toys kids may enjoy more that the wrappings. Which of these will grab your child's attention?

  • Toddler on Board Increases Risks of Automobile Accident

    To reduce the likelihood that you will have an accident while you're driving with a toddler or preschooler on board, try to keep these important safety points in mind.

  • Make dentist visits less scary for your child

    Being scared of the dentist seems a perfectly natural reaction. It can be a strange place full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells and people. These steps can help your child stay calm.

  • It's Illegal to Sell Expired Baby Food in California and Other Head Shaking Laws

    Wasn't selling expired baby food always illegal? Apparently not. Until the dawning of 2012, it was apparently legal for retailers to sell expired baby food and baby formula in California.

  • Sick Kids and Daycare: When to Send Them

    Your child has been sick. You need to be at work. When can he return to daycare? Do siblings need to stay home? Since illnesses are transmitted differently, answer can vary. Find out for these common diseases (listed in alphabetical order:

  • Summer Safety: Keep Your Child Safe and Happy

    It's time for summer fun! Before your kids toddle off, be well-versed in these summer safety tips.

  • Top Ten Ways to Keep Kids Cool in Summertime

    Hot summer weather getting to the kids? Looking for a way to cool everyone off? How about our top ten activities to lower the temperature and raise the fun factor?

  • Children's Behavior and Diet

    Does what my child eats affect how he acts day-to-day? Find out more!

  • Tips on Getting Kids to Bed (and Keeping Them in Bed)

    What can you do to peacefully get your kids to go to bed at their scheduled bedtime?  And what can you do to help them stay tucked in bed?

  • Soothing a Child Who is Going Pacifier-Free

    You've explained to your toddler that they're too big for a pacifier and why. They don't care about any of that stuff. They want their soother and they want it now.

  • Creating Safe Bathrooms for Children

    Toddlers and small children face a host of possible safety issues every time they enter a bathroom. Thinking about potential pitfalls of the bathroom from a small child's point of view helps to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the whole family.

  • Five Ways to Abuse-Proof Your Child

    Horrifyingly, our children's innocence is a tempting target for all kinds of child predators. While every parent's nightmare is the pervert hiding in the bushes on our child's way to school, reality is that the most threatening predators are far more calculating and capable.

  • Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Devastate Me!

    The "R" word.  Well, that's progress.  At least we are calling it the "R" word, suggesting the entire word should not be spoken aloud.  Retard.  Retarded.  As in, "I'm so retarded."  "What a retard."  Bantered about without much forethought--by most.  It hurts those of us who have children who are, in fact, mentally retarded.