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  • Fast Facts About SIDS -- Protect Your Baby!

    Get the fast facts about SIDS in this handy infographic. Find out how you can protect your baby from this silent killer!

  • Is Kourtney Kardashian Strange for Co-Sleeping with Her Toddler?

    On the premiere of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" Sunday night, it was revealed that Kourtney co-sleeps with her toddler, Mason (who is just adorable), while her baby daddy sleeps in another room. This is not so unusual, nor, do we think, such a crazy thing.

  • Is Your Baby Sleeping with a Meat Cleaver?

    Co-sleeping has always been a controversial subject but a new campaign by the city of Milwaukee against co-sleeping has people talking.

  • Laughing Through the Chaos - Things I could be doing right now...

    BUT! These moments of quiet tranquility could end at any given moment, so I'm going to savor them. I'm going to use nap time for what I believe God intended nap time to be. ME TIME. I need my quiet time - my time to sit back, relax and do something for myself.

  • Tips on Getting Kids to Bed (and Keeping Them in Bed)

    What can you do to peacefully get your kids to go to bed at their scheduled bedtime?  And what can you do to help them stay tucked in bed?

  • Will Solids Help Baby Sleep?

    My 30-year-old daughter has a beautiful 9-month-old baby girl. Previously baby was sleeping about five hours. I think that she needs more solid foods, and my daughter insists that babies cannot digest food this early. Can you help?

  • Caffeine Could Be Keeping Your Baby Up All Night!

    We know that too much caffeine during pregnancy is ill-advised, however, too much caffeine while breastfeeding can cause a serious health problem for your little one.

  • From A to ZZZZs: Solving Baby Sleep Problems

    by Ann Douglas

  • Helping Your School-Age Child Learn to Fall Asleep by Himself

    If your school-age child has difficulty falling asleep without you lying down with him, you are not alone. It is actually much more common than you'd think for a 7-year-old to be afraid of the dark and to need help falling asleep.

  • Heath's Journey 4/21/10

    Where to Start? I think I am going to do this blog in categories.

    Post op visit:
    It went well. He was all healed and no more need for pain meds. He was also taken off the every 4 hour treatments and now we will only use then as needed. The fear is if we do them to often and he has a real attack the meds won't work for him. Only advice ENT could give me was wait and see what the sleep study says, before changing anything.