The joys of 2

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Well, so far 2 is both a challenging and wonderful age. I've told many people that I prefer 2 to 18-months. Although she uses the word "no" too much, she also understands consequences now. I can actually see her making the CHOICE to either obey me or not. She is so sweet, fun, loving, and cute. I love her little pigtails bouncing around as she dances and jumps (acutally skipping).

Stop the Diaper Changing Battles

The position of parent and baby during a diaper change is perfect for creating a bonding experience between you. You are leaning over your baby, and your face is at the perfect arms-length distance for engaging eye contact and communication. What's more, this golden opportunity presents itself many times during each day; no matter how busy you both get, you have a few moments of quiet connection. It's too valuable a ritual to treat it as simply maintenance.

Tylenol Can Kill!


Tylenol/Acetominophen can kill your child

tylenol tablets Tylenol (known generically as Acetominophen) is an important drug when your child has a headache, fever, toothache or muscle injury. It can help ease the pain and allow your child to get a good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, Tylenol is also a powerful toxin. Too much Tylenol can kill your child. Lauran Neergaard says:

Starting Solid Foods

Pediatric societies around the world recommend exclusive breastfeeding to about six months. Most babies do fine with exclusive breastfeeding to six months of age or even a little longer. You should start your baby on solids when s/he shows signs of being ready for solids, not by the calendar.