Raising a Reader

Raising readers is not about teaching young children to read. It is about helping children to enjoy reading and language by exposing them to colorful, wonderful books. Want to find out how to raise a reader? Check out these steps and you'll find you are on your way!

Getting Started Signing with Your Baby

We all know that communication is an essential component of a child's development. Infants are able to make sense of our complex world long before they can talk. Do you wish your baby could tell you such things as "I'm hungry," "I'm thirsty," "I have an earache" before they can speak? Parents are amazed how much earlier a hearing baby can communicate with their hands using American Sign Language.

Applause Please, Kids Can Make Gifts!

Do you have little kids in the house? They love creative crafts and then, of course, they want to give their creations to someone they love as a gift, eager for applause. With Christmas coming, start a craft box with a few basic supplies so they can make amazing little gifts for family, friends and teachers. A handmade gift is always special and unique. There is pleasure in the making and then more pleasure in the giving.