Toilet Training

  • Top Ten Tricks to Successful Potty Training

    Is your tot reluctant to wave good-bye to the diapers? Peer pressure, target practice and careful wording helps some kids get the idea. One of these tricks might help ease the path to successful potty training for your child.

  • Four Signs Your Toddler's Not Ready for Potty Training

    You'd like to wash your hands of the mess and expense of diapers. While you might want to get potty training started, your child might not be on board with your time schedule. Your toddler might let you know loudly or in more subtly ways that toilet training should be postponed.

  • Cloth Diapers Problems

    Cloth diapering is not without problems. Stains, repelling liquid, and diaper stink are issues that a cloth diapering household will likely encounter at least once.

  • Getting Ready for Potty Training

    Most children are ready to tackle the challenge of potty use somewhere between age 2 and shortly after their third birthday, with boys generally at the latter end of this range.

  • Potty Training Readiness

    My definition of a potty trained child -- a potty trained child knows that he is to eliminate in a potty or the toilet; and will do so own his own when he has the urge to eliminate.

  • Potty Training with Cloth Diapers

    Potty training is something that every child will encounter. When cloth diapering the transition to regular underwear is a bit more natural.

  • "Grosser Than Gross"

    Before I had my first child, one of my biggest fears was taking him to the bathroom at a sporting event. While other men worried about midnight feedings and dropping a baby on his head, I fretted over a trip to one of the satellite offices of Germ Industries.

  • Toilet Teaching: The True/False Quiz

    For many parents potty training or toilet teaching, as it is now termed, is a challenging and sometimes frustrating parental responsibility. You are ready for your child to be out of diapers, but you wonder, is she?

  • The Potty Predicament

    by Jackie Papandrew

    Whoever is out of patience is out of possession of his soul -- Sir Francis Bacon

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