Meaning of the name Michael: Who is like God?; Protector against evil

Origin of the name Michael: Hebrew; Biblical

Alternate spellings of the name Michael: Mikhael, Micheal, Machael, Maichail, Maikal, Makael, Makai, Makal, Makel, Makell, Mc Kale, Mckale, Mekhi, Mekil, Micahel, Michaele, Michaell, Michale, Michalel, Micheal, Michelangelo, Michelet, Mickael, Mickel, Micki, Mickie, Micko, Mikal, Mikeal , Mikel, Mikhael, Mical, Mychal, Mykal, Maikel, Meical, Michal, Micheil, Michele, Michiel, Miguel, Mihael, Micael, Micheal, Micheil, Mykal, Mykel