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1 pm -- Just woke up from a long nap to find my knickers soaked in the front and a small 2.5 x 3inch wet spot in the bed. Clear and thin liquid. Is my water leaking, or am I just sweating like a mofo, bc it's 84 degrees and i was sleeping with the comforter? Put on a pantiliner; we'll see.

When I wiped after peeing, my mucus was totally clear and really stretchy-stringy, which Anita said would happen 1 or a few days before labor.

2:30p -- Laid down on the couch for about half an hour, and then went into the bathroom to check the pantiliner. seemed a bit damp in the front, but not soaked like before. Huge glob of yellow mucus, like a big ball of snot, slimy and stretchy.

3:40p -- Dry pantiliner; clear stretchy mucus when I wiped.

During the past hour, seemed to have a cluster of BH about 7-10 minutes apart, mostly lasting under one minute to just over one minute. Not painful at all, though I can feel Sid getting pushed down in my pelvis with each one.

4:40p -- Checked in with Anita; she says it sounds like my water broke and my body is just starting the early labor process. I'm supposed to call her again at 9pm if nothing else has happened before then.

9p -- i just called the midwife; she seems convinced that things are gonna ~happen~ tonight, but i dunno. nothing's really changed in the last, like, six hours or so. but maybe that's bc i've been up and about the whole time. she said sometimes the big changes happen when yr asleep.