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~1-3:30am -- Regular contractions still about 10-12 minutes apart, lasting about 1 min or so. Finally starting to get a bit painful, like a medium strength menstrual cramp, starting in the lower uterus and wrapping around my hips into my lower back. Alas they seem to have petered out and I feel like I've only had one or two since I got up; it's now almost 6. Sid is being super active right now and it's driving me nuts.

Wentback to bed a little after 6;

9am - awoke to spill a little more fluid and yellow mucus, with about half a dozen little specks of bloody show.

9:16am -- Finally another real good contraction, with pain like a very strong menstrual cramp in my lower uterus and through my rectum. Seemed to last about 3 minutes; longest yet. Kinda feel like i want to hurl now. Next contraction 20 min later, no pain. Few contractions after that.

3:30-4:30 -- just met with anita. she had me do a litmus test and it tested negative for any amniotic fluid, so at the moment we're still not totally sure if my water's actually broken or not. she said it's highly likely i just wasn't leaking any at the instant we tested it. so she sent us home with some of the paper so i can test again when i think i've lost more.

10p -- still squirming around like nobody's business. The last contraction, about 5 minutes ago, pushed him down so low and heavy, it actually hurt my pelvic floor a little bit.