12 months to the day!!

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well it's 12 months almost to the day that I managed to get myself and my 2 children out of a very nasty lifestyle. The father of my 2 very lovely children was abusive to me for 8 years. Although not always physically abusive he tormented me mentally and was verbally abusive, emotionally abusive and controlling. I had to ask for money to get things for the kids, which I did not always get either. One day I had to go and beg a local shopkeeper to give me nappies and I would pay him another day !, how humiliating !. I was constantly told I was fat, ugly, a useless mum, a whore, lazy, ignorant, stupid, etc,etc,etc...............I was made to sleep on the kitchen floor like a dog because he "owned" the furniture and flooring so was not allowed on it.I had to do everything. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had to sleep on the sofa because I made him feel "sick" because I was pregnant. The final straw was when he tried to drag me out of a room by my hair in front of my children. I had him on my hair swearing at me, my daughter screaming and crying holding onto my leg and my son shouting at him to let go of me because he was hurting me!! i then knew I had to do something for the kids, not just me. So I called a womens refuge and moved 90 miles away from where he lives and started again. It was hard and I'm still working on re building our lives but at least we are not watching him drink and get abusive anymore. My son is doing really well at school and my little girl has got so much confidence now, which is great, and me, well, I am in a really loving relationship with a total gentleman, we are TTC and have plans for getting married next year, so all go for me. It's nice to feel like me now and to know how it feels to be genuinley loved and cared for.