14 Great Homemade Presents to Make With Your Kids

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Holiday craftsIt's the thought that counts, and the love that goes into it. No need to spend a fortune on gifts, your kids will love making them for grandparents, cousins and teachers, and the recipients will treasure them. Remember that your goal is to have fun with your child and give a token of affection, not to exhaust yourself. Why not just whip up big batches of something most folks will like (Fudge? Bath salts?) and finish all your presents in one weekend, while having fun with your kids? Hopefully this list will get your creativity fired up; more explicit directions are easily available online.

  1. Anything from your kitchen: Cookies, jams, fudge, quick breads, your famous spaghetti or barbecue sauce, your special trail mix, or a kit with the makings for something yummy, tied with a ribbon: your perfect pancakes or scrumptious seven bean soup.

  2. Booklet of favorite memories: Have your child draw illustrations and write or type up his or her favorite memories of/with the recipient and put it into a binder to make a book.

  3. Personalized cookbook: Your recipes, your child's comments and drawings, in a binder.

  4. Handmade bath salts: Mix Epsom salts with essential oils, fragrance, and food coloring in a decorative jar.

  5. Candles: Add crayon chips to plain paraffin wax and dip wicks in to make hand-dipped. Or just decorate storebought candles.

  6. Personalized Mousepad: Let your child draw with markers on a white mousepad. Or use flexible adhesive with any fabric. Or choose a photo and use iron-on transfer paper.

  7. Canvas bags with iron-on designs.

  8. Homemade calendars with photos of the kids

  9. Painted picture frames

  10. Tie-dyed items -- teeshirts, sheets, etc.

  11. Christmas ornaments with kids' photos

  12. Art: For grandparents, a framed picture drawn by a grandchild is the perfect present.

  13. For friends and cousins: homemade clay, fingerpaints, bubbles, puppets, a kit of dress-up items, a kit of cool art supplies.

  14. Certificates for your services: A massage, babysitting, dog walking, painting a room, flying a kite together.

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