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Date: 29-10-2011

Well I am back as promised. I have no clue when I ovulated but I did 2 HPTs with a BFN on 16th and 26th. I know 16th was too early even if I assume I ovulated on time. And 26th was actually 2nd day of future AF (I was supposed to AF on 14th). But yesterday out of nowhere I wanted to use the last HPT as I did not get AF yet. Guess what? I saw a faint pink positive. I blamed myself for using too much pee. DH and I went and got 3 more HPTs at 1am. Used 2 of those through the night. Both faint pinks. In fact the third one is the faintest pink!

I googled as much as I could and all I got was it means it is a positive. Have taken doctor's appointment for today evening. Can't wait to know. Should I use the third pregnancy test remaining too? No no...I can't be such a maniac. Good Luck to us!