2 months

well it's may 30 i just hit my 2 months i am so excited still having cramps though but thats what my hubby is for he rubs my belly for me so it will feel better you know for being pregnant for the first time i didn't think i would have pains cause my other sisters didn't but everyone is different im just super excited cause we have been trying for 3 years and its finally happened well thats it for today.



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I am at just 5 weeks and have light cramps. I have miscarried before and am super nervous. That time the cramping was different and was accompanied with spotting. It was very reassuring to hear that you too have minor cramping. My best friend said she had it for the first trimester.

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I feel the cramps that I get so nervous that I might lose this baby as I am 5 weeks pregnant. But I try to settle down because my past two miscariages were happening on my first four weeks but still I am nervous, but cant stop imagining my baby growing inside Smile

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I am 5 weeks pregnant too! I have not had cramping but I did have spotting one day and very little. I have miscarried before too, and I am a little nervous of a miscarriage. Have any of you experienced spotting? My first baby I did experience some cramping the first tri-mester-and my little one was fine Smile