20 weeks

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Hit the 20 week mark yesterday with mixed feelings. On one side I am so glad that we are at 5 months and according to the U/S everything looks good. But on the other hand, I haven't felt her move too much and I am not gaining weight like I normally do during pregnancy. Also, I just don't feel right...Don't feel very pregnant?

I have a pre natal tomorrow and plan on bringing up these thoughts with the Dr. Oh forgot to mention also that the migraines are killing me and I've been to the hospital almost every couple weeks because of them. I worry then what the medication they give me will do to our Princess, but can't seem to get through the migraine without medical help. The Dr's have assured me that what they are giving me is safe, but as a parent, I can't help but worry. What if something is wrong with her? I guess only time will tell but this pregnancy has been so different I worry a lot about this.