29 weeks...

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im a bit worried at the mo, the other night i was having contractions every 12 minutes apart but they stopped after 2 hours. i think they were contractions... it was lower back pain, my whole belly tightened up and a period cramp like feeling in my abdomen that was quite strong. I went to see the ex-midwife who lives next door to me and she said if it happens again i should go into hospital as it could possibly be a sigh of a UTI or pre-term labour. Today ive been having all sorts of wierd pains. my lower back is killing me and i keep getting sharp period like cramps but not with the tightening of my tummy.
with my 1st pregnancy i had nothing like this at all so i am kind of at a loss as to what it is! I dont want to go see the ex-midwife again as she will probably think i am just being paranoid.
oh well... hopefully i will be ok.