2nd Baby

Okay so here's the deal, I have great intentions this time to document this pregnancy, especially since I have High Blood Pressure already. I'm sure I'm going to have different things happen this time. My views on having a baby are simple, take care of yourself, take care of your family and do not feel like you have to listen to all the unsolicited advice you will be getting. Though I am as guilty as the next person to say, "Well, when I was pregnant". I also feel like I'm not a horrid mother because I don't breast feed, there I said it my ugly secret is out, I tried with my son and to be honest he was lazy and not into it. AND it hurt!!!! Don't tell me we did not have a proper latch the nurse said it was perfect the lactation lady said it was perfect, but let me tell you it did not feel perfect. I did not feel closer to my baby I just wanted someone to take the little leach away. So, now I'm expecting my 2nd baby and I don't know if I'm even going to try with this one, I'm only about 4 weeks along so I'm thinking I've got some time before I even have to make the decision. And I will tell you another thing, I will not be doing the Natural child birth either, I liked my epidural and I will do it again. Trust me my husband loved my epidural too he actually got to get some sleep before the big moment so yeah our family liked it and I REFUSE to feel guilty about being such a horrible mother. So, am I going to get banned from all pregnancy sites with this kind of opinion?? The vote is out I guess--