2nd months a charm?

Well I have been off my birth control since late February. AF came March 6th and I have been using an ovulation calendar and checking my cervical mucous since then. Granted it's only been one cycle, I felt like I did everything right. I quit bad habits (drinking), knew or thought I knew when I was ovulating, was BDign every day- every other day, tried to lay back for 5 minutes afterwards..... I was even four days late!! But April 7th my old friend showed up again. So now I'm doing it over again. Any advice on what else I can do? It's so hard to be patient!


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Glad to hear I am not the only one out there...I have been off the pill since November and have been doing everything you have. I could use some suggestions also.

The only thing I have figured out so far is to not get stressed out about it yet. Most people have told me it took them 6-12 months after getting off the pill.
Good Luck to you! Smile

I am in the same boat. I have been off the pill since March and TTC since then. I have got serious this month by tracking my cm and trying to OPK. I am really nervous and understand completely!! Good luck to you both Biggrin