3 months

This is my second pregnancy, the first was in august of last year, my boyfriend and I were so excitied but unfortunatley had a miscarriage on October,21st. Now we're pregnant again! Although he doesn't seem as excitied as the first time! I'm super pumped, reading books again and enjoying my changing body.. He tells me he just hasn't put his whole heart into it yet because of what happened to our first pregnancy, and that he just can't wait until we're 3 months(thesafezone) and I completely understand tht but I still wish he was more into reading the books with me, hopefully he comes around soon! My first trimester has gone okay I guess.. Not extremely bad to what I've heard from others. I use to go to boxing everyday, and for the last 2 months I've had no energy to do anything physical or fun like I use to, my partner is also getting frustrated,because all I wanna do is lay around after I get home from college. I've tried to fight it and get up and go out to do things but I can't help but feel like blah! I don't want me partner to become bored with me... Plus our sex life has definitley gone MIA(missing in action) we use to be so active but now its like my sex drive went out the window. I'm depriving my partner and he's oviously becoming sexually frustrated! Ughh I feel terriable about it! My body is changing so much and I'm learning to deal with it but I also have to understand my partner is learning to deal with a new moody/emotional me! I've read and heard the 2nd trimester bring a better feeling me and an increased sex drive!! Frankly I can't wait.