34 weeks coming up

Currently at 33 weeks but excited that everything is moving quickly, or at least to me it feels that way. I can remember when my fiance and I first found out and we had the ultra-sound done. Then I was around 6weeks 5 days!!! wow. I am concerned that my dr. was a bit off with my EDD. Could this be so? My mom had the same feeling when she was pregnant with me but of course everyone told her not to worry that the dr. couldn't be wrong and low and behold I myself was a month late. She almost lost me when they did the emergency C-section. That truley frightens me, I think about these things a lot. I am so truly excited to meet my 1st daughter, Madison Nicole, but I am also worried of anything that could occur between now and the next 7 weeks. Crazy that I only have 7 weeks left. My stomach is hard as a rock and I feel almost constant pressure in my lower abdomin. This I wonder if it really is normal? I have a dr. appointment this coming Tuesday March 31st and I am going to ask the dr. if any of the feelings I have been having are normal or not.
My feet have been swollen since I hit 6months, then lately I've noticed my face and hands are joining along too. Go figure, I feel like a balloon! Dr. always tells me it is normal so I guess I shouldn't be worried and keep trying to elevate my feet when possible. I am so excited to have her, get this over with! lol. Not that I do not love being pregnant, I really do. There are just some things including the massive heart burn, acid reflux everyday, and constant need to eat that are driving me nuts! lol
I will update again probably next week around my 35th week of pregnancy.. wow 35 weeks. I feel as though time has flown!