39 Weeks Pregnant Rock Climber -- Adventurous or Dangerous?

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by Caitlyn Stace

Is Carrie Cooper Being Awesome or Irresponsible?

Dangerous Activities While Pregnant: Irresponsible or Awesome?We all know that exercise, including aerobic exercise is not only safe but recommended throughout one's pregnancy. But rock climbing at 39 weeks pregnant?

That's exactly what 32-year-old Carrie Cooper did and has done throughout her pregnancy. She's not the only one. Apparently the trend is that more women are continuing their extreme sports activities while pregnant -- while very pregnant. But is it safe?

When you first hear about the activity you might be quick to judge.

"What was she thinking endangering her unborn child by doing something so reckless?"

"How could any mom-to-be be so irresponsible?"

"How can she even physically climb with her belly so big?"

It's why you have to watch her amazing video below. You'll see why and it's amazing!

Carrie Cooper has been climbing for 10 years and is in enviable shape. She took every safety precaution and has an interesting outlook on life. She does seem to have changed the way she approaches climbing, doing so with more caution, listening to her body and taking her time.

She says enthusiastically,

"Rock climbing is a normal part of my life. Obviously it's not for everyone. But I had something in my life already that was so helpful to me, and it ended up aiding my pregnancy. If you have something you love, it's only natural to continue to do it, as long as it's a healthy pursuit."

Carrie continues to explain,

"I believe that life is about living gracefully through the transitions. I have climbed the world over for the last 10 years and developed a keen sense of my body and its strengths. As a healthy expectant mother I continued to listen to the needs of my body."

While most of us prefer swimming and yoga to sky diving or spelunking, one can't help to feel a mix of admiration and concern at the same time while watching the video.

What do you think about this type of activity while pregnant? Chime in and tell us in the comments!

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